Founder's Voice

Founder's Voice

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Rev. Fr. J.E. Arul Raj is the founder of DMI organization,
a global partnership of interdependent organisation committed to a common humanitarian vision and mission.

Hello Everyone, I'm Fr. Arul Raj, It's my pleasure and an honor for me to be the founder of DMI originated in 1984, India and to lead one of the world's foremost dedicated and serving organizations with my team to serve the poor, the oppressed and the marginalized world-widely.

As a founder for more than 3 decades, I am highly impressed with my people and its impact throughout the world. For more than 34 years DMI has been helping to address poverty, right based issues and injustice among the world's poorest communities. Today, we operate in more than 7 countries. Among our 1,200 staff we have leading experts (sisters and staff team) in child, women and integrated community development programmatic approaches.

It's a great strength in tackling poverty's complex, trafficking, food insecurity and ill-health of the target communities and the depth of our work at the grass-roots level that enables us to know the people, the problems and the potential of the communities we serve. Wherever we work, we look and feel like a national organisation, with sisters and staff who live to share in the hopes and frustrations of the local community.

We are there, responding quickly to human trafficking, child labours, street children and orphans who lost their quality of life through rehabilitation, non-formal education and Children Parliament programs; we are there, helping rural youths and children develop life skills and a lifelong interest in learning through vocational skill and wings mobile school programs. We are there, helping the marginalized women, widower, women headed families, destitute women, and HIV/AIDS infected through SHGs, Microcredit, food security and Social Care programs to retain their rights towards a quality of life in Tanzania.

As a Christian organisation, DMI seeks to bring love and hope to the world’s most vulnerable, regardless of religious tradition and practices. Our assistance is unconditional and love oriented. With every child and woman transformed and every development activities made, our sisters and co bring hope of a brighter future. As a result, each year we bring meaningful life transformation to thousands of the world's most-marginalized and underprivileged women and children in Tanzania.

I am very excited by the many opportunities and by my team to make a difference for the susceptible people who have little voice in today's world - especially the vulnerable children, youths and women.

I invite you all individuals, well-wishers and donors to join us. Together we can make a difference through dedication, passion, professionalism and an uncompromising commitment to loving God in serving God's children (to be fully human and fully alive) for their sustainable quality of life in Tanzania.

That's my DMI.

May God bless you all and your mission.

Rev. Fr. J. E. Arul Raj