Child Trafficking

Over 360 trafficked children/young girls have rescued, rehabilitated and 85% reunified successfully with their families and communities.

  • 65% of the children have been employed and 35% of the children have started their own trades to earn regular and decent income to cover up their basic needs and support families.
  • 67% SDMIC mobilized and established a network with village leaders, teachers, police, media, key government departments, like-minded NGOs and local communities on the issue of human trafficking
  • 100% of the children and young girls have enhanced their self-confidence and self-esteem through life skill.
  • Promoted 4 alumnae associations with 180 young girls to ensure children/young girls not to fall back again to trafficking through regular follow up.
  • Organised 75 outreach public awareness cultural program on the issue of human trafficking and child labour and sensitised over 7500 community members and ensured they act on the issue collectively.
  • Influenced media on the issue of trafficking and pressurised the state to act and bring effective policy in addressing the issue.

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